Julia Veiga

Before you are whisked away by the gorgeous production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella at Orlando REP, take a moment to enjoy the art displayed in the lobby. Young people ages 12-15 from Great Oaks Village have imparted their wisdom encased in beautiful bejeweled crowns for Young Artists in the Spotlight. Young Artists in the Spotlight is an Orlando Family Stage program that creates opportunities for students to respond to season shows through visual art projects. Participants receive free tickets for the show and their work is displayed in our lobbies for audiences to enjoy! From production design, to paintings, paper cuttings, or even 3D sculptures, the galleries are always a delight. 

Renée Schneider from ArtWorks Orlando worked with the young people at Great Oaks Village to create the beautiful series. The styrofoam printing plates are adorned with white ink, faux jewels, and are now propped in shadow boxes for all to see. These crowns represent this group of young people’s positive personality traits or talents and how they can use it to benefit their community. In the show, Cinderella displays the power of positive thinking and kindness towards others throughout her journey. The young artists were inspired by her kindness and made connections to their own lives and how they work to treat others. 

Enjoy some of their artistic descriptions and pieces here: 

“My crown is my leadership ability and positive attitude. I will use my crown to show people they can be positive too.” Celeste age 15

“My crown is being a happy, bubbly person. I am responsible too. Don’t let your set back lead you in the wrong direction.” Tayasia age 12

“My crown and singing and bringing people together. I also have a positive attitude. I will use my crown to help create harmony and peace in the world.” R’munnie age 13

“My crown is making people smile and feel happy. I will use my crown to bring a smile to those who need to feel happy.” Olivia age 13

“My crown is dancing and being creative. I will use my crown to show people that you can be who you are!” Miya age 12

Mykayla age 14

We are so pleased to have Great Oaks visit Orlando Family Stage to attend Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and see their art in our lobby. After catching the production myself, I am inspired by their reminders of the power of a positive attitude as well as treating others with kindness and respect.


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