Questions for the Ride Home

  1. What was The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical (TYA Edition) about? If you had to summarize the play in one sentence, what would it be or what would be the main message or messages, in your opinion?
  2. Percy Jackson often feels like he’s an outsider or that he’s not “normal.” Have you ever felt different? Describe how it made you feel? How did you deal with your feelings? 
  3. Imagine you just found out you were a demigod! What demigod power would you want to possess and why? What problem would you try to solve with your demigod power? Who is the first person you would tell about your new powers?
  4. Percy encounters several magical items throughout the story. You have been granted one magical item of your choice. What would this item be? What power would it have?
  5. What “monsters” do you see in the real world today? What actions do you think you or other people can take to effect change?

Experience More

Lake Nona Sculpture Garden

“The Lake Nona Sculpture Garden is a 50,000 square-foot outdoor space designed for the exploration and discovery of a distinguished selection of sculptures from one of the world’s largest private art collections, The Lewis Collection. Explore installments such as Leda and the Swan by Fernando Botero- Inspired by Greek mythology, Leda and the Swan appropriates Fernando Botero’s ideological framework over the subject. According to Sotheby’s, this piece is ‘an iconic example of the artist’s mature sculptural practice.’”

Orlando Science Center- Observatory

Take a close-up look at the cosmos with Florida’s largest publicly accessible refractor telescope and other astronomical tools. Atop Orlando Science Center sits a domed observatory that, if visited during the right time of year and under the proper conditions, can provide views of planets, stars, and other celestial objects. View the four moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, and deep sky objects such as galaxies, nebulas, and binary star systems! View the breathtaking night sky, brilliant sun, and even bustling downtown Orlando area from the powerful, 10-inch lens of the refractor telescope along with several smaller scopes.

A Little Further Away From Home…

Museum of Arts and Sciences (MOAS)- Daytona Beach

Lowell And Nancy Lohman Family Planetarium- Explore the Universe. “Lift off and explore the cosmos in the premier planetarium of the space coast. The Museum of Arts & Sciences is home to the Lowell & Nancy Lohman Planetarium: A state-of-the-art facility where science, art, and technology blend seamlessly to create an experience that you will not forget.” 

Do More At Home

Lightning Thief Word Search

Search for mythological vocabulary and names from the show. Test your skills and see if you can find them all! 

Create Mythical Prophecies

Have each child write their own mythical prophecy, predicting an adventure or quest they might embark on. Encourage them to share their prophecies with the group, adding an element of storytelling.

Mythical Snack Creations

Prepare a snack station with ingredients for children to create their own “Mythical Snack Creations.” Include fun and themed snacks like ambrosia fruit salad, blue “Percy’s Water” drinks, and “Monster Doughnut” treats.

Star Gazing

Get lost in space in your backyard! Head outside on a clear night and discover constellations and sometimes even planets that are visible to the naked eye. In Greek mythology, the connection between the gods and stars is rich and fascinating. According to Greek mythology, the gods often played significant roles in the creation of celestial bodies and their placement in the night sky. Here’s a creative way to connect Greek gods with the activity of stargazing in your backyard:

Celestial Odyssey Stargazing

Easy Constellations to Find


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