Touring Spring 2024

Yo, Ho, Ho! Let’s Go!

Yo, Ho, Ho! Let’s Go! is a 30-minute adventure with a pirate on the high seas following a treasure map! Parrots, crabs, mermaids, and more join the fun!

Theatre for the Very Young at Orlando Family Stage is created specifically for 1 to 5-year-olds and is an interactive, multi-sensory, developmentally accessible experience that encourages caregiver interaction and creative play.

Pricing & Details

1 Performance (up to 40 attendees) = $500
Add a second performance (same location, same day) for $300.

All performances are capped at 40 attendees not including teachers. Teachers are free.

Touring venues must be within 25 miles of Orlando Family Stage with each venue needing to meet some basic technical requirements. After submitting a Booking Request Form, a member of our Group Sales Team will work with you to confirm and coordinate logistical needs.

Space Requirements

  • Your location is within 25 miles of Orlando Family Stage (1001 E Princeton Street, Orlando, FL 32803)
  • Approximately 25 feet wide by 16 feet deep by 8 feet tall (25’w x 16’d x 8’t) playing space. This does not include audience seating space.
  • A space in front of the playing space for the audience to be seated on the floor. Audience should be no more than 40 people.
  • (1) standard 120c power outlet within 50 ft of the performance space
  • A separate room near the performance space for performers to use as a dressing room for changing costumes, and to store personal items