Orlando Family Stage’s Young Artist in the Spotlight is a program that features work generated by visual art classes in schools and organizations within Central Florida that tie to the theme of the current production. Young people are encouraged to connect with our shows and stories by creating unique visual art pieces that are put on display for all patrons to enjoy! 

This year an Orlando Family Stage partnered with ArtWorks Orlando, a visual arts nonprofit organization dedicated to providing children the creative opportunities to express themselves through a variety of art mediums. Projects are designed to encourage introspective thought and healing, enhance cultural pride, and build self esteem. In preparation to see the show, The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson the Musical, teens and tweens residing at Edgewood Children’s Ranch learned about the ancient Greek gods. They also learned about ancient Greek pottery and the black figure style of art used to decorate its surfaces. Each child then drew an amphora on brown paper, cut it out, decorated it with black marker, and shaded it with pastels. A god of their choosing was drawn on black paper, outlined with white paint pens, then cut out and attached to the vase. Their “VASES of the GODS” are displayed in the Universal lobby at Orlando Family Stage throughout the run of the show. Orlando Family Stage was honored to host these young artists at a performance to see their art and enjoy the show. 

A very special “thank you” to the Winter Garden Art Association and Orlando Health for funding art classes at Edgewood Children’s Ranch.

Please enjoy this artwork created by these students!

Ares by James
Poseiden by Justin
Zeus by Jaylen
Medusa by Kayla
Hades by Queen
Dionysus by Gwendolyn

Athena by Daller

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