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Writes of Spring is upon us, and we are so looking forward to reading your student’s submissions!  The TYA MFA students at UCF are bringing writing workshops to schools around Orlando, asking students to finish the phrase “In my wildest dreams…” in any way they like.  Students can turn this prompt into a poem, a song, a story, a rap, a script, whatever they like.  A new play will be created in response to the same prompt, utilizing select student’s work as direct quotes and inspiration.  I asked the TYA cohort to finish the phrase “In my wildest dreams…” and would like to share their responses with you.

“In my wildest dreams, there is time for everything.”

“In my wildest dreams, ice cream is considered a primary food group.”

“In my wildest dreams, everyone can explore the beauty of their inner child.”

“In my wildest dreams, everyone has means to be truly happy.”

“In my wildest dreams, I’m CEO and I’m confident being there.”

“In my wildest dreams, there’s peace for all!”

 Now I’d like to show you what these submissions might look like when put together to create a play.  Introducing…


(At rise, a young CEO is walking to work.  It is a bright and sunny day, and there are people of all ages riding their bikes and playing games outside.  Laughter fills the air while the CEO walks confidently down the street, savoring an ice cream cone.  They finish the last bite as the scene changes, shifting the stage from outside to the interior of an office building just as bright and happy as the outdoors.  CEO licks the last of the ice cream from their fingers as a nerf flies from offstage and hits them.)

CEO:  (Laughing)  Hey!

(Enter COWORKER 1 and COWORKER 2, holding nerf guns.)

COWORKER 1:  Sorry!  I was aiming for her!

COWORKER 2:  Missed me, missed me!

CEO:  (Handing COWORKER 1 his nerf back.)  Not a very peaceful morning at Peace Incorporated huh?

COWORKER 2:  Oh, peace is a total hit today!  Our peace meter hit 1000% just before you came in.  There’s peace in every crevice of the world as of two minutes ago!  (Waving her nerf gun around.)  That’s why we were celebrating.

CEO:  Amazing!  This calls for …

ALL:  Ice cream!

COWORKER 1:  But do we have enough time?

(A large wall clock appears, and they stare at it briefly before bursting into laughter.)

COWORKER 2:  You said “But do we have enough time?”

CEO:  Of course we have time!

COWORKER 1:  There is time for everything!

(From offstage, we hear the following announcement.)

VOICE:  Attention Peace Inc. employees.  Our peace meter has dropped from 1000% to 999%.  CEO and affiliates to meeting room green.

CEO:  That’s us.

COWORKER 2:  Let’s get that peace percentage back where we like it.

COWORKER 1:  Can we get ice cream on the way?

CEO:  Of course we can, it’s the most important meal of the day.


(CEO, COWORKER 1 and COWORKER 2 exit.  Black out.)

The end.

            This is just one of infinite possibilities for a script created from my classmates suggestions.  We can’t wait to read what your everyone’s wildest dreams look like, and to share them with an audience in a brand new work cowritten by every student who shares their imagination with us.  Happy dreaming!

Find out more about Writes of Spring here!

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