Every year, the Orlando Family Stage sponsors an exciting program called Writes of Spring in which Kindergarteners through high school seniors are invited to submit creative writing responses to a prompt. These responses are then adjudicated, and the winning selections are used to create a brand-new play full of student writing.

With current restrictions in large gatherings, our usual plans for Writes of Spring have needed to be modified so that we can proceed safely. For instance, to preserve the need to physically distance, the play will be pre-recorded and available for streaming instead of being performed live at the REP. Although we are sad not to be able to join together in the same space, these adjustments have also allowed for some exciting new opportunities for this program. In particular, we were able to open up the competition to participants from anywhere in the state of Florida! In the past, the majority of our participants have come from the areas close to Orlando. This year, we had 425 submissions from all over the state!

This is a perfect year to showcase the experiences of all Floridians as well. Our theme this year is “My favorite tradition.” In our winning submissions are an exciting mix of traditions that our writers have with their families, their friends, their sports teams, or themselves. We received entries about Christmas Pickles, swing dancing, birthdays, and food. Lots and lots of food.

Watch our website and social media for more information about the premiere of this year’s play on April 9th, 2021. We can’t wait to share it with you.

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Writes of Spring!

Andrew Cowles
Fareed Malik
Avi Desai
Elianna Bunce
Allen Withers
Faith Brown
Olivia Kilgore
Adeline Reed
Ava Boyd
Lyla Schauf
Verona Franks
Amira Withers
Zaida Libby
Emmery Stamper
Allison Kilgore
Cheyenne Long
Samuel McBride
Lillian Grieco
Makena Venzon
Sophia Tobierre
Lannah Clark
Tilly Raij
Lyla Jacobs
Graciella Peaden
Emelia Van Pelt
Harper Katauskas
Eloise Broughton
Ally Owen
Aswath Rajesh
Olivia Hilby
Noah Gorme
Narin Schirmer
Sophie Kountanis
Nathan Cochran
Tanisha Nabi
Bella Baylon
Amelia Baker
Rylin Barnett
Aaryan Wadhwa
Avery McDonald
Sophia Bertsch
Miya Chang
Lauren Gilbreath
Bennett Katauskas
Arlex Pandal
Nane Khachatryan
Cameryn Ray
Kaitlyn Rodriguez
Natalia Rodriguez
Lily Keefer
Chandler Hofmann
Coen Ross
Colton Strickland
Alisse Ortega
Jayden Otero
Madison Berlau
Katie Botwinik
Elena Hoyos
Emily Lugo
Elena Wetherbee
Cameron Tonkovich
Selah Pawlak
Antonio Nieves Jr.
Nicolle Arencibia
Tao Wang


Congrats Writers!


If you are interested in more information about Writes of Spring, check out this page or email [email protected]!

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