Here at Orlando REP, we have four pillars that set the foundation for who we are as an organization. They are: Our mainstage professional season productions, our MFA Partnership with UCF, our Community Engagement initiatives, and our Youth Academy camps, classes, and productions.

It’s the fourth pillar in this list that affected Mayra Andújar-Soto and her daughter, Anna, the most. 

“A few years ago, my husband, daughter and I, came to Orlando Family Stage for an open house. We were so impressed, and couldn’t wait for our daughter to register and be part of Orlando REP’s Youth Academy,” said Mayra.

But for her daughter Anna, the program was more than just stepping onstage to perform.

“This program is a place where my daughter feels safe and happy about herself,” said Mayra. “It gives her the opportunity to learn, improve and grow as a young individual, learn about teamwork, punctuality, responsibility, and public speaking.”

“I really believe in this program and what the program does for these kids. Orlando REP’s Youth Academy is a place where my daughter feels safe and happy about herself.”

– Mayra Andújar-Soto

Prior to stepping onstage in our Youth Academy’s Summerstock production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Anna was awarded a Youth Academy Scholarship, which made it possible for her to be a part of the production. And Mayra couldn’t be more proud of her daughter, and watching her shine both on and off the stage.

“For my daughter, theatre is her passion, theatre is her sanctuary,” said Mayra. “Because of the generous donations made to the Youth Academy Scholarship Program, my daughter and other kids like her are able to be part of all the amazing experiences and opportunities they can get here at Orlando REP.”

“As a parent, thank you to everyone who continues to support our local young actors and believing in what they do for our community.”

To learn more about how you can provide experiences like these to youth across Central Florida, learn more about our new giving program, The Heart of Orlando REP.


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