It is a new year and a new decade! It is a season to reflect on the year behind us and plan for the one ahead. In that spirit, Orlando Family Stage held our Spring Teaching Artists Orientation. This gave our teaching artists a chance to review our standards, collaborate as teachers, and even play a little.

During the evening, we asked some of our amazing teaching artists the question “What is your Teaching Artist Wish for the new year?”.

Here are their responses:

“Incorporate and keep learning new strategies to encourage students of all abilities to learn through play.”

–Laura M.

“Get better in writing the lesson plans for each session! I love creating activities and lessons, but the lesson plan is so crucial in teaching the students, and I want to get better with that skill!”

–Morgan C

“To try as many new activities as possible and to stop choosing old ones that are safe and easy – step out of the comfort zone.”

–Brooke S

“To share my love of poetry and theatre with students who I know are going to thrive as they discover their own unique talents and inner voices.”

–Chanel G


“To grow and learn as a person and as an artist!”

–Mia S

“To build a community that inspires me, challenges me, encourages me, and brings me joy!”

–Shelley N

“To build a sense of community and trust with my students!”

–Michelle H

“To inspire a lifelong love for the arts in our community.”

–Cameron S

“To create an inclusive classroom and learn how to make every student feel their thoughts are valid and valued.” –Sage T
“To stretch my divergent thinking skills to help take activities I’ve done for years and adapt them in new and innovative ways and help all my students feel successful.”

–Joni N

“To learn from the other teaching artists and grow through every classroom and workshop.”

–Megan R

“To get the UCP Takes the Stage program off the ground running with a solid foundation for years the come.”

–Brittany C

“To give each and every one of my students G-R-A-C-E!”

–Maria K

“To get kids to be comfortable with being uncomfortable (silly, out-of-the-box, their zone, etc.)”

–Arius W

“To foster an environment that embraces each other and the simplicity of play!”

–Mari B

“To find a new and exciting way to teach by incorporating multiple theatre
skills in each activity! And to find a new way to teach more complex skills!”–Megan B

From all of these responses, we see that our Teaching Artists are working to build communities that stretch all of our students in new ways while preserving the essential element of play. We are grateful for them as well as our students and their caregivers in helping us build a joyful community here at Orlando REP. Have a happy new year!

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