In our production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella we see Ella’s fairy godmother help her achieve her dreams. Some of our cast members recently shared with us who supports their dreams! Get to know our cast a little better with their fun an insightful answers:   

Clare Lopez:   My rescue puppy Tucker.  

Jose Rivera:  Mi bisabuela, Doña Ana. (My great-grandmother, Mrs. Ana.) 

Zoa Glows:  My loving partner of almost 12 years, Steven. 

Caitlin Van Driessche:  My biggest supporters have always been my parents, grandparents and my sister.  

Ryan Petty: One of my biggest supporters in life is my best friend, Jade. No matter how far apart  we are or how long it has been since we have seen each other, I can always count on  them to lift me up, support me endlessly, and make me feel loved. 

Drew Koon: I am grateful to have two parents who have supported me endlessly through my  entire life, from transportation needs to attending any show that I am involved with,  in addition to homework help throughout my academic years and teaching me  important life lessons and skills every day! 

Lindsay Diaz: My husband Brian believes that I can do anything, and he tells me so daily. He makes  sure I always know I am loved and capable, even during times when my own mind  tells me otherwise! 

Evonne Hurst: I’m blessed to have support from my family, friends, and church family. They  encourage me to keep using my talents to inspire the world!

Joshua Eubanks: Each individual who has given me open opportunity to explore my creativity has  given me a space to pursue my dreams, but most importantly I have relied on my  own personal resilience.

Who  supports your dreams?

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