King Willoughbye LOVES his Pickle Chiffon Pie! We asked the cast of our Youth Academy production what kind of pie they would make for their kingdom. Read about their tasty treats below!

Alaina Ames: Reese’s, m&m’s, chocolate ice cream, and sprinkles

Madison Baker: Caramel Pie

Chloe Butler: French fries and ketchup!

Adrian Calderon: Meat, blueberry, and cheese

Clare Camarda: Popcorn Pie

Jane Camarda: Chicken alfredo and an omelet

William Cockayne: Apple pie filled with kindness

Andrew Cylc: A dash of enlightenment!

Sophie Rose Divine-Norman: Chocolate Chip cherry pie

Avery Downs: Apple, because why not?

Eva Englett: A bunch of yummy cherries!

Alexis Franklin: Pure sugar, because why not?

Jacob Froehlich: Apple pie

Mary Froehlich: Double chocolate with sprinkles

Jovi Haddock: Marshmallows, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, and cherries

Juliet Harrison: Mixed berries with chocolate chips

Annie Iverson: Ice cream, sugar, peppermint, cocoa powder

Breylon Johnson: Brown sugar, peaches, powdered sugar, and whipped cream

Vivi Kasten: Lemon meringue

Ella Kelly: More bread, bread for everyone!

Olivia Kerr: Cherries!

Juliana Kerr: Peach and Pineapple because yum!

Megan Levendoski: Dragon fruit

Ella Lloyd: Snozberries that taste like snozberries

Josh Miller: Whey protein

Stella Nassis: Blueberries

Greta Perri: Ice cream, whipped cream, and candy

Amielia Platt: Lemon, cherry, chocolate, apple, and mango

Teddy Pridemore: Apple Pie

Olivia Richter: Strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sugar

Callista Sardinia: An endless loop of other pies

Parker Shanoff: Mangoes!

Carlos Toledo: Any flavor plus magic sprinkles

Julian Villela: Fudge brownie pie for my kingdom

Alejandra Villela: Macaroni and cheese pie

Lisa Wolf: Blackberries

Laura Yeilding: Sprinkles!!!

Abby Yuska: Lemon


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