The open road is a groovy place to explore! Pete the Cat goes on all kinds of adventures, especially in his VW bus. We asked our cast of Pete the Cat, where would THEY would go on a road trip adventure?

Beth Jones
“I would want to visit all the best beaches all over the world!”
“I would take the VW Bus to the top of Mt. Everest with my puppy.”

Kasey Kraft

Aja Grooms
“Italy! I’d pick up my dear pen pal, Giulia, who I have never gotten to meet in person before. We both love animals, so I think we’d take a tour to see amazing wildlife around the world!!!”
“I would take Percy the Pug & Roger the Cat to Broadway to see Bernadette Peters.”

Jarrett Poore

Francis Phimphivong
“Take a trip around Japan to eat ramen and to Tokyo Disneyland with my closest friend.”
“I’d take my VW Bus back in time to the 60’s to go jam with The Beatles, and of course bring along my cat, Gypsy Rose Lee!”

Gabriella Juliet

Bryan Jager
“Hollywood, 2016. To the moment Tom Hooper is about to sign on to direct the movie version of “Cats”… he must be stopped.”


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