One of the most exciting parts about Lucha Libre are the colorful characters behind the masks! We asked the cast of Luchadora, If you were a lucha libre wrestler, what would your character’s name be?

Alina Alcántara: Luna Phoenix,  because the moon has a very special meaning to me, and I also identify with the Phoenix’s story of rebirth from the ashes.

Brandon Muñoz-Dominguez: My name would be The Rainbow Piñata! I would throw candy into the audience every time I won a match, specifically Skittles.

Brent Jordan: My name would be Zephyrus. It’s the name of a minor Greek God of air, and I move like the Wind!

Daniel Martinez: Probably El Piñata, since I’d get beat up the entire time I’m in the ring.

Emily Lupfer: The Narrator! It’s a nod to my background as a writer, but also because I know how this story ends… with me winning the match!

Esther Olivo: If I were a Luchadora my name would be “La Reina!”

Francis Phimphivong: My name would be the Flying Muffin because I want to be as crazy and wild as Muffin from Bluey!

Hannah Bender: Lirio de los valles would be my lucha libre name!

Hayley Sanz: My name would be “Gatito,” meaning “little cat.” This is inspired by the black-footed cat, which is the smallest cat in Africa, and also the deadliest cat breed in the world with a 60% hunting success rate…also I’m short and I love cats.

Karen Marulanda: La Chancleta

Kiara Barahona: If I were a luchadora my name would be Mujer Valiente.

Marq Lopez: Inspired by one of my favorite shows. I would say Blackwhip would be my lucha libre wrestler name given that my hair has been one of the most significant parts of my life.

Omar Mulero: El Rockero Electrocutado

Radamés Medina Meléndez: My lucha libre wrestler name would be “El Mono Loco“!

Rhyse Silvestro: If I were a lucha libre wrestler, my character name would be “La Cabra Loco” (The Crazy Goat), and my costume and moves would be goat themed.

Solmarie Cruz Martinez: My character’s name would be Fuego Pequeño! Because I am small and feisty!

Stephen Pugh: If I was a Luchador, my name would be either Sabor Latino, or Ese Tipo Raro!


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