Junie B. Jones has her diary of Top Secret Personal Beeswax where she keeps all of her important feelings and thoughts. We asked the cast what they would call their diaries and now we cannot decide if we want to read what is inside or let them keep it to themselves!

Belle Acosta: Belle’s Journal of Awesomeness!

Allie Alpers: Allie’s Amazing, Fabulous, Super Confidential Thoughts and Ideas!

Alaina Ames: The Dogo is a Secret 🙂

Marc Batlemento: Not Private Unimportant Stuff

Sasha Bloom: Sasha’s Absolutely None of Your Business, If You Open This I Sue You Journal

Lucie Brannen: Lucie’s Super Awesome Secret Journal

Chloe Butler: Chloe’s Weird Fabulous Nonsense and Other Things

Emmerson Caraglio: The World of Weirdness and Crazy Stuff With a Cherry on Top!

Quinn Cohen: Quinns Random Stuff and Other Nonsense

Alisa Ekimkina:Alisa’s Amazing Personal Secret Slaying Journal

Annika Franklin: Annika’s Doodles, Poodles, and Notes!

Mary Froehlich: Mary’s Diary of Things You Shouldn’t Know About

MollyKate Gaither: Cool Stuff

Jovi Haddock: Jovi’s Big Ole Book of Nonsense and More

Evelyn Harris: Lynn’s Random Dark Nonsense 🙂

Samantha Hayford: My Book of Dark Feelings

Meta Hill: My Special Silly Secrets!

Sydney Judd: Not a Diary or Journal (but still keep out)

Samantha Judd: Samantha’s Secret Stuff

Mateo Kalina: That Thing in the Corner

Ella Kelly: Nunya!

Beckett Kelty: The Things

Luci Kollar: Luci’s Very Long Christmas List!

Ella Lloyd: Ella’s Not so Secret Thoughts of Other People

Aria Luke: Aria’s Marvelous Musings

Josephine Ostrodka: Josie’s Starbucks Order and Other Things That Don’t Matter

Greta Perri: Greta the Three-Headed Dragon’s Amazing, Crazy, Colorful, Creative, Themed, Silly Book of Secrets and My Thoughts About Sushi and Chipotle

Amielia Platt: Amielia’s Personal Pickley Nonsense

Grace Prendergast: Grace’s Book of Nonsense You Don’t Need to Know

JoJo Pridemore: JoJo’s Magical Book of Stuff

Gabriel Rupp: Gabriel’s Journal of Useless Information

Phoenix Schlake: Exploding Journal

Parker Shanoff: Parker’s Famous Chick-Fil-A Order and Other Stuff That Nobody Needs to Know

Julian Villela: King Julian’s Most Wonderful Thing and Other Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Stuff! And also my thoughts about pickles…

Abby Yuska: Abby’s Craftabulous Adventures

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