Everyone needs a hero! George and Harold created Dog Man, their own comic book superhero, to fight Flippy the cyborg fish and Petey the world’s most evil cat. We asked the cast of Dog Man The Musical, “Who is your favorite comic book superhero?” 

We noticed a trend…can you spot it?

Brandon James Butorovich
Dog Man is my favorite, obviously! However, I really like Superman as well!
My favorite comic book superhero is Miles Morales aka Spider-Man!

Edwin Perez

Kadesh Lewis
My favorite comic book superhero is Iron-Man!
🕸🕷Spiderman! 🕷🕸

Génesis M. Freytes Álvarez

Will Sippel

I’m a Batman fan all the way!

Spider-Man! Go Spidey! Go!

Da’Zaria Harris


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