In Freaky Friday we see a mother and daughter magically trade places and see the world through each other’s eyes. We asked the cast  “If you could switch places with anyone for a day, who would it be and what would you want to do?” See what they have to say!

Christine Brandt: “If I could, I would switch places with the President and spend the day looking through classified documents about UFO and Alien encounters.”

Maggie Brennan: “If I were to switch places with anyone it would be my dog Penny. She is so beautiful and so loved and lives a WONDERFUL life.”

Reid Canal: If I were to trade places with anyone for just one day, I would choose Naomi Campbell.”

Theo Champagne: “I would want to switch places with Jane Goodall for a day and spend time with the chimpanzees!”

Lindsay Diaz: “I would want to switch places for a day with my best friend, because she is really logical and emotionally calm, and I think I could learn a lot from her perspective.” 

Matti Endsley: “If I were to switch bodies with anybody it would be with my best friend Caitlin, because she is perfect, and I wanna see what its like to be talented and sweet!”

Zoa Glows: “I would trade places with Oprah and deposit 5 million dollars into my bank account.”

Drew Koon: “If I could switch places with anyone for a day it would definitely be my dad! He travels all over the country for work frequently and I think that it would be tons of fun getting to constantly see and experience new places!”

Sarah Anne Mae: “I would switch places with my best friend because I feel like it would be a real test of friendship to see if I know her well enough to get through a successful day in her shoes!”

Omar Mulero: “Dr. Strange! I’d teleport and fly around different countries to go sightseeing and taste the food!”

Emily Murphy: “Id like to switch places with a Pokémon trainer so I can hang out with Pokémon all day. I also feel like Id rock their uniforms.” 

Chris Payen: “I can’t choose! There’s so many … Beyoncé! But I mean who doesn’t?”

Omari Pernell: “I would switch places with the great Lin-Manuel Miranda and I would try to see his thought process for making amazing musicals and musical movies!”

Ryan Petty: “I would want to switch places with Zendaya, because then I would send myself money to pay off my student debt, I would be absolutely stunning, and I would be dating Tom Holland.”

Stephen Pugh: “If I could switch places with anyone right now, I would switch with local actor Adam DelMedico, because he can eat anything he wants any time with no weight change and only suffers the occasional lactose intolerance.”

Savannah Rucks: “If I could switch places with anyone I would transform into a magical girl icon, Sailor Moon! She is a team player and cares heavily for her friends. Also, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by sparkles?!”

Victoria Salisbury: “I would love to switch places with the incredible Sutton Foster and see what it’s like to be a leading lady on Broadway for a day. She’s one of my biggest inspirations, and I think it would be interesting to see how she prepares for a show. I will definitely be taking notes of all her performing tips and tricks so I can use them when I’m back in my normal body!”

 Devin Skorupski: Either one of my cats, Peach or Stella, because they are spoiled rotten and I would love to nap all day like they do.”

Nyeshia Smith: “If I can switch places with anyone for a day it would be SpongeBob SquarePants. I would love to hang out with my friends in Bikini Bottom and eat unlimited Krabby Patties after jellyfishing with my best friend Patrick.”

Joel Swanson: “I would switch places with my dog Ziggy. His life is so easy! I would sleep as much as I want, ask for belly rubs and peanut butter treats, and play fetch with all of the fun toys I’ve bought for him. Ahh, what a breeze…”

Valerie Torres-Rosario: “I’d love to switch places with Gal Gadot and spend the day on set for Wonder Woman.”

Stephanie Trull: “Michael Meister. Then I could design my own interstellar space exhibit at the Natural History Museum in New York City.”

Elaina Zwiener: “I would switch places with my cat so that I could nap all day and find out how she sees the world. Also, she has it so good.”

Aja Grooms: “I would switch places with a mouse and enjoy a day with the animals, perhaps sleep inside a flower for a little bit.”

Who would YOU trade places with?

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