When we think about what it means to be healthy, things that come to mind might be eating a balanced diet, brushing your teeth, and exercising every day. But did you know that theatre is a big part of your healthy lifestyle as well?

Participating in theatre—whether it be by attending plays, performing, or working backstage—is a great way to enrich your life and the lives of those in your family. Theatre is not only entertaining, but also has both mental and physical health benefits crucial for a healthy lifestyle!

People who attend performing arts events are healthier, have lower anxiety, and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Did you know seeing live theatre can make you smarter? Studies show that both the left and right sides of the brain must be used for the brain to reach its full potential. This means it’s not only important for children to use their brain for math and science, but also for creative activities like art and theatre. Seeing plays is also a great way to learn new vocabulary! Where else can we learn fun words like “scrumdiddlyumptious” and “fantasmagorical”?

People who attend performing arts events are healthier, have lower anxiety, and are less likely to suffer from depression.

Theatre also leads to greater understanding in the community. Audiences are introduced to characters from all walks of life, whether it be a teenage newsie living in the streets of New York or a polka-dot loving girl trying to fit in at a “squares only” school. Live shows teach children how to empathize with other people’s feelings, especially those that are different than their own.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and multiple studies prove this to be true! According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is a great way to relieve stress. It boosts endorphins and sends extra oxygen to your organs, strengthening your immune system! Seeing comedies and musicals is a great way to bring on those giggles and chuckles that are so good for you!

At Orlando REP, we recognize these benefits. That’s why our mission is to create experiences that enlighten, enrich, and entertain young audiences and families.

Orlando REP’s 2017-2018 season includes a variety of productions for families to enjoy, including musicals such as Disney’s Newsies and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical. Single tickets go on sale on July 14th. Tickets may be purchased by calling our box office at 407.896.7365. For more information, visit www.orlandorep.com.


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