Just like the story told in Freaky Friday, sometimes things get turned upside-down and work themselves out in the most unexpected ways! 

Months ago, we excitedly announced Doctor Dolittle as our Youth Academy Summer Stock production.  Encountering so many unexpected changes since then, we find ourselves needing to adapt and adjust.  When we announced our premature season closure, our set design and construction was nearly completed for the May 2020 production of Disney’s Freaky Friday The Musical.  Our main goals for Summer Stock 2020 are to use our resources efficiently, while bringing the highest, REP-quality experience to our Youth Academy participants and audiences. 
A Freaky Fantastic solution was staring us in the face!  
Our Youth Academy Summer Stock production is now Disney’s Freaky Friday The Musical!  With a largely teen cast of characters, great music, and large ensembles, it is perfect for our young people to take on. This allows us to use resources already being spent on set, props, lighting, sound, etc. 
We still plan to include our professional production of Disney’s Freaky Friday The Musical in next year’s season. This provides such a unique opportunity for our young actors to participate in a show and then see it performed later with our adult actors!

The Summer Stock production is, of course, dependent on the schedule of safety. However, we want to be prepared to carry on with production when and if we can, so we are going ahead with auditions. Please read on for Audition Submission information. 


The window to audition for the Youth Academy Summer Stock production is now open, and will remain open through April 30.  All students must prepare a one-minute, memorized comedic monologue and 16 bars of a musical theatre song (the equivalent of a verse and chorus). 

All auditions for Summer Stock 2020 will be submitted online, using a private YouTube link.
Here’s how to submit: 
1.     Choose a quiet open space where you can be seen from head to toe.
2.     If you do not have access to a pianist, please try to find a karaoke or accompaniment track to sing along to, without the original artist
         singing. We want to hear your lovely voice!
3.     Introduce yourself at the beginning of your audition video by saying your name, the grade you are entering this Fall, and the name of
         your song and monologue.
4.     Film yourself!  Or have a parent/family member help you.
5.     Watch your video before uploading it! Make sure you can be seen and heard and you are happy with the end result.  It make take a
         few tries to get it just the way you want it. 
6.     Have your parent or guardian help you upload your video to YouTube, and secure it with a private link. 
7.     Copy and paste the private YouTube link and submit it to us HERE.
If you have any questions or need more help, please email [email protected] and we are happy to help! 

We look forward to seeing all of your lovely faces on the screen and even more-so in person at Orlando Family Stage in the future!

Stay well, and we miss you!

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