We recently held our 2019/2020 season Teacher Orientation, to welcome all of our wonderful teaching artists. They will be teaching camps, classes, and outreach workshops throughout the upcoming year. Our artists come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: they love teaching at Orlando REP! We’d like to introduce a few of them to you, and let them explain what they love most about teaching here.


1. “Teaching at Orlando Family Stage is an inspiring experience. Not only are the students inspired by their teaching artists, but we in turn, are incredibly inspired by them and their dreams!” – Annie Trombo

2. “Teaching at Orlando Family Stage brings me so much joy; not only because I get to work with amazing staff and students, but because I get to see the growth and progress they make. It brings me so much fulfillment!” – Bianca Alamo

3. “I love teaching at Orlando Family Stage because it gives me the opportunity to explore different aspects of my life as a theatre practitioner. By teaching students, I learn to be a better teacher.” – Jeffrey Peacock

6. “I love the opportunity to connect and impact the lives of my students. I aim to inspire a love for all aspects of theatre, which helps create better performers, audience members, and humanitarians for the future. Once a student asked me, “How do I do what you do?”And that’s what it is all about: inspiring students to inspire others.” – Jarrett Poore


4. “Orlando Family Stage gives teachers a safe space to discover their strengths and, in turn, strengthens and challenges them to become the best version of themselves!” – Robby Stamper

8. “I love the exchange of ideas and information in a nurturing and beautiful space where creativity can thrive.” – Myles Thoroughgood

7. “As someone who grew up in Orlando Family Stage camps, I can’t wait to give kids the same experiences and hopefully a love of theatre as well.” – Emma Boles

5. “Orlando Family Stage teaches young people to be brave by making big, bold, choices!” – Michelle Borges

9. “I love being able to help kids view stories through new perspectives and engage their creativity through empathy and reflection.” – Bryan Jager

10. “No other job has more smiling faces. The staff is amazing at making work enjoyable for everyone and fun-filling! For me, working at Orlando Family Stage is like therapy for theatre lovers. You can reach so many young performers and grow through moments that matter.” – Jeremiah Johnson


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