Time to celebrate! 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Orlando REP’s Writes of Spring partnership with the Theatre for Young Audiences program at UCF! In honor of 20 amazing years we asked students to look forward to the next 20 years.

Every year, the Orlando Family Stage sponsors an exciting program called Writes of Spring in which kindergarteners through high school seniors are invited to submit creative writing responses to a prompt. These responses are then adjudicated, and the winning selections are used to create a brand-new play full of student writing. This year over 400 entries were submitted and 67 winners were chosen from across Central Florida. The prompt was “20 Years in the Future: What Do You See?”

Congratulations to all!

Blakelynn Orr- Kindergarten

Havoc Hughes – 1st grade

Scarlett Hernandez – 2nd grade

Mattie Orr -2nd grade

Alexandra Roberts – 2nd grade

Lexi Baker – 3rd grade

Richard McCovery – 3rd grade

Santiago Pino – 3rd grade

Emma Rangel – 3rd grade

Zayden Gardner – 4th grade

Ja’Vae Waye- 5th grade

Victoria Baez – 6th grade

Rylee Cruz – 6th grade

Laina De La Rosa – 6th grade

Callum Goes – 6th grade

Eva Martin – 6th grade

Bella Melendez – 6th grade

Layna Steuber – 6th grade

Melissa Sugisawa – 6th grade

Tatiana Fernandes – 6th grade

Victoria Fernandes – 6th grade

Sterling Wiepert – 6th grade

Jonathan Adeogun – 7th grade

Joy Bremer – 7th grade

Anthony Contreras – 7th grade

Fabricio Calderon – 7th grade

Brycen Cobb – 7th grade

Daniel Conti – 7th grade

Joshua Enyart – 7th grade

Luke Fleischman – 7th grade

Nayim Garib – 7th grade

Rebekah Goldberg – 7th grade

Ambrose Lian – 7th grade

Maxwell Miller – 7th grade

Sophie Recca – 7th grade

Raymond Roden – 7th grade

Claire Rutland – 7th grade

JP Sanabria – 7th grade

Lily Sullivan – 7th grade

Leyton Taylor – 7th grade

Ileana Aviles – 8th grade

Nicholas Banker – 8th grade

Mikaela Bell – 8th grade

Owen Burnsides – 8th grade

Isabelle Creech – 8th grade

Kristina Davila – 8th grade

Joelle De Luca – 8th grade

Tristan Diaz – 8th grade

Kendall Ezell – 8th grade

Joselyn Fischetti – 8th grade

Emerson Fredley – 8th grade

Adam Gamenthaler – 8th grade

Crozen Harrington – 8th  grade

Ella Krogman – 8th grade

Kennedy Langmo – 8th grade

Addison Lepak – 8th grade

Noah Lopes – 8th grade

Danielle Pafford – 8th grade

Levi Parry – 8th grade

Dylan Sanchez – 8th grade

Kenzie Taylor – 8th grade

Emelia Van Pelt – 8th grade

Natalia Van Pelt- 8th grade

Molly Williams – 8th grade

Madisyn Marchetti – 10th grade

Malachi J Caines- 11th grade

Patty Costa – 11th grade

Coen Ross – 11th grade

The Writes of Spring performance of the play DearMe in 2023 will be March 10th at 7pm.

Tickets are general admission and free. 


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