At Orlando REP, learning doesn’t stop after the performance is over! Our Resource Guide materials offer teachers and families an opportunity to deepen the experience by reflecting and connecting the story to curriculum and our every day lives. One of the English and Language Arts activities in this Resource Guide is “Letters to Heroes” and some students shared their assignments with us!

The Letters to Heroes Activity is…

Nicole experiences an incredible journey throughout the play. She travels to various time periods and meets important people from history.

Which historical character made the greatest impact on you in the watching of the play? If you had the opportunity to thank them for their contributions, what would you say? Write a thank you note to the character of your choice. Be specific in your gratitude and make sure to include why their contributions are important to you, your community, and/or your country.

A letter to Sojourner Truth A letter to Frederick Douglass
A letter to Susan B Anthony



A letter to Dayla Carroll pt 1 A letter to Dayla Carroll pt 2

We love that these letters ask students to contextualize the ideas from the play and connect them to their own understanding of history and the development of these voting amendments! These are just a few of the powerful connections we are hearing from people who have seen this production, and we hope you will join them!


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