On October 26th Orlando Family Stage encountered a Halloween invasion of the scariest kind…MONSTERS everywhere! Our Haunted Halloween Makeup Masterclass invited students to create and experiment with makeup techniques to create spooky and scary looks in honor of Halloween! Then on November 16th, students got WILD creating looks straight from the savannah in our Animals of Pride Rock Makeup Masterclass. This experience allowed students to recreate and interpret makeup from their favorite characters in honor of our Youth Academy production of Lion King Jr. That’s two Makeup Masterclass opportunities inspired by our popular summer camp, Face Off Stage Makeup!

We all know that so much goes on behind the scenes of a production and Orlando REP’s Design and Tech focused classes honor the artistry of the technician and designer just as much as the performers on stage. Makeup is an interesting design element because unless very intricate makeup is required, actors are often expected to supply and apply their own for every performance. Classes like a Makeup Master Class are not only super fun, but practical for actors and aspiring makeup designers alike.


Teaching Artist Carmen Medina explains, “Actors learn to develop their characters by looking at their inner and outer features. The appearance of a character influences the behavior, so the more the actor can get involved in developing the characters appearance, the better they will understand it.”

Makeup is an art much in the same way painting is. However, instead of work on a one dimensional canvas,  when applying makeup you are reshaping a 3D canvas. Line and shape are important tools for most artists. Makeup artists use lines and blending to create illusions of shape or to define certain features. Additionally, much like the way a painter mixes paints to create a new color, so do makeup artists. From addressing dark circles, blemishes, and uneven skin tone to face paint, animal characteristics, or fantasy features, understanding the color wheel is an important skill to learn when looking to do makeup. Applying makeup, to yourself or others, also requires quite a bit of fine motor skills. Anyone who has tried to apply eyeliner or put on a false eyelash can attest to that! Youth Academy student Evelyn agrees, “I learned that makeup takes patience and time and to not get upset with yourself and to keep trying!”

These masterclasses are designed to take a deeper look at a subject from whatever place the student is starting at. Carmen encourages students to push themselves to try something new, “We are all in different steps of our makeup journey, so let’s try to get one step further.” Students come to these masterclasses to try new things and see what they can take home and play with on their own, Youth Academy student Rachel explains, “I wanted to take this class because I like makeup and wanted to learn more about it, which is exactly what we did.”

Orlando REP’s Curriculum Manager, Maria Katsadouros, is thrilled to bring more makeup design and application opportunities to Orlando Family Stage students, “Our Makeup Master Class is so unique in that it not only provides our students the opportunity to learn and build confidence in utilizing make-up techniques, it invites them to create an original character and identify how makeup enhances the individuality of that character. Our Teaching Artists find beautiful ways of connecting the ways that make-up can inform specific acting choices, reinforcing the idea that from the outside in, every character has a story waiting to be told!”

Check out these behind the scenes photos from the master classes and look out for our Face Off Stage Makeup camp this summer!


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