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Top Questions

How Do I Buy tickets online with my Membership?

Login to your exclusive PatronPortal to have your Member discounts apply automatically when buying tickets online.



Login credentials were emailed to you when you booked your Membership. Missed the email? Check your spam folder and contact the Box Office for assistance. Ticket discounts do not apply to field trip performances, special events/experiences, or Theatre for the Very Young (TVY) shows.

How Do I sign my child up for a class with my Membership?

Please note: You will register for camps and classes using a different system than where you purchase tickets. If you have never enrolled a student in one of our camps or classes, you may create an account here. Once an account is created or if you have an existing account, follow the steps below to apply your discount to a new camp or class registration.

STEP 1: Browse camps and classes . During checkout, you will have an opportunity to “Add a discount code for [your child’s name].” 

STEP 2: Add the phone number used on your Membership account (Do not include spaces, dashes, or parentheses – just numbers) to the discount code box and select “Apply.”

STEP 3: Your active Membership status will be authenticated and your Member discount is applied to the order. If the discount does not apply, please confirm that you have entered the correct phone number and that all items in your cart are eligible for your Member discount. For additional support, contact Member Support prior to finalizing your registration.

Camp and class discounts do not apply to Theatre for the Very Young (TVY) classes and programming. 

How Do I take advantage of Early Access to tickets?

Orlando Family Stage Members are granted the ability to purchase tickets before tickets go on sale to the general public. In most cases, Members are granted access to purchase tickets to most shows when production titles are announced each season. Public on sale dates vary by production but are typically four (4) weeks out from the opening of each production. Some exclusions apply.


Login to your PatronPortal to purchase tickets during your Early Access window. Tickets may also be purchased by calling the Box Office.

What other discounts do I get as a Member?

All membership plans provide discounts on extras including Concessions, merchandise, tours, and Celebrations. Your Member discount on extras is the same as your Member discount on shows and classes.


Discounts on Extras
Family Flex Family Select Family Plus/Grandparent
10% 15% 25%


Members will be asked to provide the Membership Account Owner’s phone number at checkout to have Member discount applied to eligible items. Please verify your discount has been applied before payment is processed.

Additional FAQS

From the login, click the “forgot password” link and follow the instructions.  For further assistance with any account issues, please contact [email protected]

At this time, auto-renew is not available. However, members will receive emails leading up to their membership expiration date, reminding them to renew and providing instructions on how to renew.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Members have access to their benefits for one year from purchase date. Members may opt out of renewing their Membership.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer monthly payments.

At times, Orlando Family Stage may offer discounts on tickets for special promotions.  Please refer to specific discount details for each ticket promotion to determine if saving can be combined with your Membership discount.


Member benefits, including discounts, are applied at the time of purchase with an active Membership. In rare instances, in which an active Member makes a purchase using their discount but does not renew their Membership prior to the event/class date, the savings remain for that purchase. Purchases made after the Membership expires are not eligible for Member discounts.

Order fees for ticket orders are waived for Orlando Family Stage Members (normally $3.00).

Camp and class registrations are subject to fees which vary by camp or class. At this time, Members are still subject to fees on camp and class registration.

While tickets are non-refundable, Orlando Family Stage recognizes that family schedules can change at a moment’s notice. With that in mind we are happy to offer Courtesy Swap. Active Members may requests a Courtesy Swap no later than 24 hours after the originally ticketed performance by emailing [email protected] or calling the Box Office. 

Each Courtesy Swap is subject to seating availability and may not be in your originally ticketed seating tier. In the event newly selected tickets are in an upgraded seating tier, patrons are responsible for covering the difference in price of newly selected seats.

The best thing of all is that Courtesy Swap is FREE for Members.

As the account owner, your PatronPortal is set up using your email address and contact details for ticket orders. Account owners may authorize anyone in their immediate household covered by the Membership to make ticket purchases using their PatronPortal account.

For camp and class enrollment discounts, any parent/guardian in the immediate household may register the child for the camp/class and apply your Membership discount using the account owners phone number (Do not include spaces, dashes, or parentheses - just numbers) at checkout.

For discounts on concessions or merchandise, Member households must provide the account owners email or phone number to have the Member discount applied at checkout.

In most cases, former subscribers will see no change in many of the benefits they valued most which included savings on tickets and the ability to exchange their tickets for different performance times. Each of our four Membership plans give patrons access to an account to purchase tickets online and have their discounts apply automatically - a benefit highly requested by former Subscribers.

The most notable difference between our former Subscription program and our new Membership program is that Memberships give you access to savings on all Orlando Family Stage programming including shows, camps, classes, Concessions, and more. No matter how you Create Moments that Matter with your family at Orlando REP, you save.

Members are always welcome to purchase tickets by calling or stopping by the Box Office if preferred. Members are responsible for verifying that their Member discounts have been applied to their eligible tickets prior to purchase.

Our Patron Services Team is here to help you get the most out of your Membership. You can always contact a member of our team by email at [email protected] or phone by calling (407) 896-7365.