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Word Wall

Subject: Language Arts

Directions: Hover over each definition to view the corresponding vocab word. Use context clues from the play, the root word, and if needed, look up the definition using a dictionary resource.

Standard: LAFS.4-8.L.3.4, LAFS.910.RI.2.4

  • democracy


  • impudent


  • Seneca Falls


  • Jim Crow Laws


  • constitution


  • segregation


  • Brandywine


  • candidate


  • ballot


  • Selma


  • citizens


  • vote


  • inauguration


  • polling station


  • Declaration of Independence


  • justice


Extension: Pick three words or terms from the list and use them in an original sentence or paragraph. You can choose to write about the play or something else. You can also draw a picture, illustrating the definitions in the words you choose.

Standard: LAFS.4-8.L.3.5


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