How much does it cost to stream the show in my classroom?

Teachers and other educators can stream our production of Vote? By Eric Coble in their classroom for just $1/student.

What steps do I need to take to make sure I can stream the show from my device?

Vote? By Eric Coble is a fully produced performance professionally filmed and streaming on Vimeo. Contact your tech support prior to streaming to confirm you will be able to navigate to Vimeo to stream.

How long is the show?

Orlando REP’s streaming production of Vote? By Eric Coble is approximately 55 minutes in length.

The length of my class period will not allow for viewing all in one day. Will I be able to stream the show over two days?

Yes! Your streaming link and unique password is good for 72 hours. This will allow for viewing the show over multiple days.

I teach multiple blocks of the same class. Can I use the same streaming link and password for each block?

Yes! Your streaming link and unique password is good for 72 hours. When completing your streaming link request form put the total number of students from all blocks/classes that will be viewing the stream in order to receive one invoice.

I have students in-person and attending class virtually. How can I ensure all students are able to view the stream?

You are able to share the link and password with students or teachers included on your order without affecting each other’s ability to view the show. For distance learning or hybrid classes,  simply provide remote students the link and password to view on their own or at a designated time to begin watching as a class.

We are looking to stream Vote? for our entire school. How should we request a streaming link?

That is wonderful to hear! There is an opportunity to indicate that you are wanting to stream Vote? By Eric Coble for your entire school (or certain grade levels) on the streaming link request form. You will be asked to provide a total number of students that will be viewing and the number of individual teachers. Schools streaming Vote? By Eric Coble for their entire school (or certain grade levels) will be provided one (1) streaming link and one (1) unique password to share with all teachers/students included on the order. These schools will receive one invoice based on the total number of students viewing the show.

How do I change the number of students in my reservation?

Please email [email protected] to change the number of students in your reservation. Please include your name and the order number provided in your confirmation email as the subject line. Numbers can be altered up until the two week deadline. After that, no changes can be made to your reservation.

How do I pay for my reservation?

To pay for your reservation, there are two options: check and credit card. Checks can be mailed to Orlando REP, but must be received by the selected streaming date. Credit cards can be processed online by a secure link provided by Orlando Family Stage or over the phone at a scheduled time. Phone payments can be scheduled through the Group Sales Manager or Box Office Staff. Remember, if you are paying with a check, it must be mailed and received by Orlando Family Stage prior to your selected streaming date.

When will I receive access to my streaming link?

On the day prior to your selected streaming date, Orlando Family Stage will email the link to stream Vote? and your unique password. If you have any questions related to the streaming process, please email [email protected] for clarification!

How long will I have access to the streaming link?

The streaming link and your unique password provide 72 hours of access to the stream for all individuals included on your order. If you need access for longer than 72 hours, please email [email protected]

Where can I access the teacher resource guide?

Educators can access the digital Vote? Teacher Resource Guide here.

Our resource guide includes:

  • Activities for various grade levels based on themes of the play
  • Biographies on historical characters seen in the play
  • Clear timeline of voters’ rights historical events
  • Explanation of the key voting amendments 

All of our guides correlate with the Next Generation State Standards and Florida State Standard.

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