What Is "Vote?"

On her first election day, eighteen-year-old Nicole begins unexpectedly sliding through time and pivotal historical events, standing beside women, Black Americans, and young people all demanding their right to vote. Coming face to face with

Sojourner Truth, George Washington, Lucretia Mott, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and others, Nicole discovers just how many shoulders we are standing on every time we step into a voting booth, and not to casually dismiss this most American of rights.

Educators have full access to our high-quality digital
Resource Guide, which includes:

  • Activities for various grade levels based on themes of the play
  • Biographies on historical characters seen in the play
  • Clear timeline of voters’ rights historical events
  • Explanation of the key voting amendments

This production will be available for in-classroom viewing beginning October 5th through November 8, perfectly coinciding with the 2020 election cycle.

Vote? By Eric Coble is a fully produced performance professionally filmed and streaming on Vimeo. Teachers and other educators can stream the show in their classroom for just $1/student.

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