Hello Cast Members!

We are so glad and excited that you are joining us on our first adventure into online theatre-making! The Show Must Go Online is a brand-new musical created by Beat-by-Beat Press with the specific intention to be performed online. This hilarious show tells the story of a drama club who moves their performance online in an effort to save their program, and each cast member gives us a glimpse into the lives of this program and its students. It is your job to bring your character and this story to life! See below for more information and instructions.

General Info

  • Due to an incredible amount of enrolled students, we will have FIVE full performances of The Show Must Go Online! Each cast will be labeled with a different color designated in your casting email: Purple, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow.
    •  We are unable to accommodate switches in cast assignments.
  • The show is broken up into 25 scenes, and each student will receive a cast letter, A through T. 
    • ALL cast members should sing the final song The Show Must Go Online
  • You will video record yourself performing your scene, and upload it to the cast link provided in your casting email. 
  • When all videos are uploaded and played in order, the story is told and the show comes to life!


  • Each cast will have a live read-through of the show on a Zoom call scheduled in your casting email. 
    • Purple Cast- April 25 @ 9:30am EST
    • Red Cast- April 25 @ 11:00am EST
    • Green Cast – April 25 @ 12:30pm EST
    • Blue Cast- April 25 @ 2:00pm EST
    • Yellow Cast- April 25 @ 3:30pm EST
  • Included in the casting email is the full script, score, and performance guidelines. There will also be a Google Cast Folder link to read more production information, and listen to all of the music tracks.
  • Please read through and have your scene rehearsed before the meeting so you can receive notes and direction on your performance during the call!
  • Reading through the script will help you understand character interactions and the story we are telling together.
  • If your character has a song in their scene, please listen through the rehearsal tracks and read the sheet music provided in the cast folder.
  • If your scene asks you to address the Drama Teacher, please refer to him as “Mr. Mike”.


  • After your full cast read-through, if you still feel like you need more direction, please reach out to [email protected] to set up a coaching session.
  • Be bold and take creative risks! This is an amazing opportunity for you to explore new angles and approaches to your character. Activate the text through your words, actions, and emotions! What would they wear? Are you able to put touches of your character into the room you are recording in that we’ll see on screen?
  • Please memorize your lines before recording your scene.
  • Practice, Rehearse, then Record your scene. Professional actors get weeks and months of training and direction to perform in movies and TV shows and record the perfect take. Do not expect your final product in one take!


  • In your casting email, there is a link provided to upload your final video. This links to a Dropbox provided by Orlando REP’s Technical Director, who will be editing the final performance videos that you submit! You will receive a confirmation email once your submission is uploaded.
  • Pay attention to the light and background noise.
    • Make sure your face is well-lit. Most of the light should come from in front of you.
    • Make sure the room is quiet. Turn off fans, air conditioners, and any appliance or phone that might start beeping.
  • Take note of a few technical requests
    • If you use a smartphone to record your scene, please record in landscape mode. This will provide a uniform aspect ratio across the whole performance!
    • While recording your song, play the performance track through headphones. You will hear the music to keep you on pitch and tempo, but we won’t be able to hear it. In your video it may sound a little weird that you can’t hear the music, but it will make the editing much easier!
    • Please give about 10 seconds of silence before AND after your performance. This will ensure we don’t cut off any of your performance!
    • Please do not edit or put any effects on your video upload. We will edit your video for timing, and we want to see you acting, not special effects!
  • Watch your video before you upload it! Make sure your final product is something you will be proud to present for Orlando REP, and it will be that much more special when you get to watch it in the final video!
  • Orlando Family Stage staff members will be monitoring and watching the videos as they are uploaded and edited. We may need to reach back out to you with any re-do’s that are necessary (if we can’t see/hear you, technical issues, other directorial notes) so be aware of your email!

Final Video Uploads are due May 3, 2020!


Video Release

  • Orlando Family Stage will be posting the final recordings of each cast on its various social media platforms and/or website to show off your hard work and theatre creation! This means your uploaded video will be shared publicly. Please see below for Orlando REP’s photo release, and reach out to the Education Department if you have any questions or concerns.
    • “I hereby consent to the use by Orlando Family Stage, without limitation, obligation, or compensation, of photographs, film footage, or tape recordings of my child for the purpose of marketing/advertisement and online sharing.”