Orlando Family Stage Youth Academy Spring Musical

For the first time in Orlando Family Stage history, its Youth Academy is embarking on the development of a brand-new musical! Our students are the world premier cast and have a direct influence on the growth of the script, score, and story of this tale based on the popular children’s book Pickle Chiffon Pie.

In the land of Bushelpeck, King Willougbye is upset that there isn’t enough of his favorite dessert, Pickle-Chiffon Pie. This is due to a skimpy cucumber crop and plethora of Princes wooing his daughter, Princess Sunnyskye. He is determined to solve the shortage by finding a suitable Prince to marry Sunnyskye. He creates a contest for the competing Princes to find the most wonderful thing in the Wonderweird Forest and win his daughter’s hand. Sunnyskye believes she should not be forced to marry and schemes to thwart the King’s plan. Into the forest they go and out they come with a tale of kindness, compassion, and caring for others. Come see who wins the contest and whether there is a solution to the “Great Cucumber Crisis of the Century!”


Download our digital program HERE