MAC Boys Entertainment presents MACKOSSA, the final show of their inagural season. This is a dance show featuring the combined talents of MAC Boys. MACKOSSA features choreography from Arius West and Christopher Payen, with a script by Maurice Mallard, and co-directed by all three. The show follows dance in its many forms and its evolution over time. MACKOSSA highlights cultural and artistic expression through movement and story.

About MAC Boys Entertainment
MAC Boys Entertainment (MBE) was created with the purpose of filling the void of Black representation within the theatre world, focusing first and foremost on the Central Florida community. Founders Maurice Mallard, Arius West, and Christopher Payen (the M-A-C in MAC Boys) are all co-artistic directors of the fledgling company, with the collective goal to bring the work and stories of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to the theatrical forefront. “It was created with the idea that theatre can be, and do anything. That the color of a person’s skin does not determine their talent or their range,” says MBE.

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