In Locomotion, the Play by Jacqueline Woodson, the character Lonnie connects the smell of honeysuckle powder with the memory of his mother. We asked the cast if there are any smells that hold strong memories for them. Read their answers below and think about what smells hold memories for you!

Brent Jordan
“Barbershop alcohol. That smell always makes me remember going to the barber with my father in Connecticut and spending quality time with him.”
“Cocoa butter & wet grass!”

Dezmond Allen

Jade Jones
“A smell that holds a strong memory for me is the combination of my mother’s perfume and her makeup. I wish could remember the name of it.”
“Plastic Fishing Lures, trust me they have a smell all their own! I grew up fishing with my Grandpa, and my Dad is an avid bass fisherman. So whenever I come across anything that smells like plastic worms, I am instantly transported back to fishing at the lakes.”

Laura Mansoori
“The E.T. Adventure ride at universal studios! It was mine and brothers favorite ride, and it just reminds me of great moments with my family!”

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