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2020 Highlights!

– Over 25,000 students watched Vote? streamed directly into their classrooms, and an airing on our local PBS affiliate was sponsored as a gift to the community.

– Topics covered included voter suppression, women’s suffrage, and historical figures such as George Washington, J.K. Vardaman, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Frederick Douglass, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

– Interviews with the League of Women Voters and our own Orange County Supervisor of Elections were also included, along with reference materials, lesson plans, and questions to lead discussion.

A Halloween Treat
– Our Youth Academy’s production of The Big One Oh (filmed onsite at our theatre one student at a time in front of a green screen, then edited together into a virtual set) told a spooky themed story.

– Mr. Richard. Mr. Richard’s annual Halloween concert is a beloved part of the Orlando REP season, and we are thankful we were able to bring him to the theatre to film, edit, and stream his performance.

Sleigh What?!?! – A Holiday Family Improv Show and Photos with Santa
– A live family-friendly improv show that will be performed with holiday themes and audience participation. The audience will enjoy a 45 minute performance before exiting the theatre for (socially distanced and plexiglass-separated) visits and photos with Santa.

Professional Development for Teachers
– Orlando REP’s Engaged Learning Through the Arts (ELTA) professional development programming helps provide increased confidence and creativity for teachers while increasing literacy skills for students. While some programming can be offered in-person, all programs are available through digital and virtual delivery systems.

Story Drama in the Classroom
– Story Drama lessons are taught by Orlando Family Stage teaching artists in the classroom, for early childhood through 2nd grade. These lessons support growing literacy skills (in English and in Spanish) through vocabulary development and context building, and are grounded in early childhood curriculum and Florida State Standards.

Baby and Me Story Strolls
– Taking advantage of our placement in a public park, Fall 2020 offered “Story Strolls” for children 2 and under and their adults. Children (in strollers) and their (masked) parents walk a paved sidewalk path through our park, interacting with a Teaching Artist for sensory play themed around Halloween and Winter.