Led by Teaching and Makeup Artists, Carmen Medina and Tommy Novak, our Haunted Halloween Stage Makeup Intensive for teens created sugar skulls, cuts and bruises, animals, and a Halloween look of their choice! Halloween is the perfect time of year for costumes, extravagant makeup, and becoming someone else for day! Check out some pictures of their work!

And if you are feeling spooky yourself, Check out our REP Halloween Treat!

Sugar Skulls

Dia Los Muertos Stage Makeup

Students learned about the culture and history behind Día de Muertos and created their own sugar skull design.

screenshot of sugar skull stage makeup looks

Cuts and Bruises

Screenshot of stage makeup cuts and bruises
Who knew white glue could be such a great Halloween hack?
white glue is used for stage makeup techniques Stage makeup example of deep cut on hand
Example of cuts, bruises, and a broken nose through stage makeup techniques


Example of Lion character stage makeup Students were given the task to choose a reference image of an animal and recreate the looks.
Example of Deer character stage makeup
Screenshot of animal character stage makeup techniques
Example of Owl character stage makeup

Spooky Halloween Looks!

Example of scary character stage makeup Example of Pumpkin character stage makeup
Screenshot of Halloween stage makeup

We offer stage makeup classes each semester, so check back with our Youth Academy for more opportunities! 

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