What is Theatre for the Very Young (TVY)?

Theatre for the Very Young at Orlando Family Stage is created specifically for 1 to 5 year-olds and is an interactive, multi-sensory, developmentally accessible experience that encourages caregiver interaction and creative play.

Below are resources to continue the creative play at home! Click on the activity name for more details.

Dinosaur Dance Party

Dinosaur Excavation

Dig dig dig! Using sand, dirt, or even mud this sensory friendly activity will have your little one building fine motor skills and becoming their own archaeologist.

Dinosaur Freeze Dance

The dancing doesn’t stop! Improve focus and concentration while you put on some of your favorite tunes and make sure to dance like a Dino. 

Hot Dinosaur Egg

Don’t get caught with that hot dinosaur egg in your hands! Object exploration develops imagination and language skills.

Fossil Pasta

What kind of dinosaur will you find in the ground? Exercise creativity and motor skills while playing with pasta and playdough!

Yo, Ho, Ho! Let’s Go!

Beach in a Bottle

There is so much to discover in the deep blue sea! Practice fine motor skills by filling your own bottle with ocean treasures!

Walk the Plank

Shiver me timbers! No pirate adventure is complete without a bit of danger! Practice balance and develop the vesitbular system by walking the plank!

Treasure Hunt

Pirate, Crabbers, and Parry are in search of treasure at the end of their journey! Reward your little one with a treasure all their own while developing object exploration and object permanence.

Sand Sensory Bin

Every good treasure hunter needs to keep their curiosity active! A sensory bin helps young ones explore texture, creativity, and use those fine motor skills to discover what is hidden in the sand! Treasure awaits!

Pirate Puppets

Pirate, Crabbers, and Parry can’t wait to go on more adventures and you and your little one can join in the fun! Retelling and creating our own stories exercises communication skills and encourages social emotional development. Look around you, anything can be come a puppets and your next pirate adventure is waiting to be told!

The Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Hide and Seek

Mama Bear and Buddy Bear LOVE playing hide and seek with each other. They have been doing it since Buddy Bear was a baby! However old your little one is, there are plenty of benefits to playing hide and seek such as learning object permanence and egocentrism!

Make Your Own Butterfly!

When Mama Bear finds a butterfly, she makes sure to find friends for them. Use your fine motor skills to make even more butterfly friends!

Mirror, Mirror

Mama Bear and Buddy Bear look in the mirror to help them get dressed and to help them see how each other is feeling. Find a mirror in your house to help continue this fun activity exercising recognition and emotional language!

Tea Party Etiquette

No Teddy Bear Picnic would be complete without a Tea Party! Using toys, “found” objects (transforming one object into another using your imagination, like a pencil into a fork) or real kid-friendly dinnerware and food, set up a tea party of your own to practice dexterity and fine motor skills!

Picnic Basket Play

What would you pack in your picnic basket? Practice packing for your dream picnic with your little one using sounds and new vocabulary.

Forest Friend Pantomime

Mama and Buddy Bear met so many forest creatures on their picnic. Recall these animals with your little one, and use your bodies, voices, and imaginations to bring them to life!

The Ants Go Marching

While ants steal Mama and Buddy Bear’s honey, we know they were just doing it to help their colony. Ants have important work to do! Step into the role of ants and practice our rhythm and movement.

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